Inauguration of Virginia Namadwaar

With the boundless grace of Our Guru Maharaj and Smt Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadhan Thakurji, inauguration of “Virginia Namadwaar” was grandly celebrated on May 27, 2016 in the divine presence of Sri Poornimaji.

“Virginia Namadwaar” has been blessed to be the 2nd in the United States, the first being in the Southwest region (Houston, Texas) and is the 5th Namadwaar to be inaugurated internationally to propagate Nama Kirtan all over the world according to Guru Maharaj’s vision.

This day reminded us of a few lines from our Guru kirtan !

kanavu palitthadu gurunAthA! manamum kuLirndadu gurunAthA!
sharaNam aDaindOm gurunAthA! sakalamum maRandOm gurunAthA!

Virginia Namadwaar celebrated the inauguration along with Madhura Utsav/Ram Leela Mela, the day began with Prabodhanam and Sundara Kandam Parayanam. In evening, the Utsav saw its first procession with Guru Maharaj’s Divine Padhuka in a procession with the divine couple Smt Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadhan Thakurji on a palanquin mounted on an Elephant.

The procession consisted of the devotees accompanying the palanquin singing aloud “Kaliyayum Balikollum and Hare Rama Sankeerthanam” interspersed with the divine instruments that added to the blissful ad vibrant atmosphere. Devotees proceeded towards Virginia Namadwaar and with the flowers from Guru Maharaj’s Padhukha, Sri Poornimaji inaugurated the “VIRGINIA NAMADWAAR” and established Shri Premikavaradhan’s divine Nama Samrajya

Shri Guru Maharaj’s Padhuka Pravesham, Shri Premikavaradhan’s divine Pravesham was followed by Krishna Jananam Parayanam from Shrimad Bhagavadam, Archanai and “Mahamantra Instrument Medely” offering to our Guru Maharaj by our Richmond Satsang children.

Even at around 11 PM in the night, Shri Poornimaji in full vigor expounded an exuberant lecture on the ‘Birth of Rama’ and left the devotees totally engrossed in the beauty of divine descend of Rama.

The day ended with Dolothsavam and singing prayer songs to bless us all in the path of Sri Gurunathar’s Nama Rajya.

With Sri SwamiJi’s blessings, daily Mahamantra Nama Chanting happens between Mon-Fri (7 – 8 pm) at Namadwaar, 4902, Hickory Meadows Ct, Glen Allen, 23059.
Nambi avan Charanathai Namam Solli Vazhnthuduvom !Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_59 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_58 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_56 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_55 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_53 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_52 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_50 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_47 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_46 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_45 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_41 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_40 Sri_Pji_VA_May_2016_60

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