Intelligent Living Series – Is Prayer a Weakness? by Sri Ramanujam ji via. Online hosted by Raleigh GOD Chapter

By the benign grace of Guru Maharaj and by a krupa of Sri Madhuri sakhi Samedha Premika varadha Takur ji, Raleigh GOD Satsang was blessed to host Sri. RAMANUJAM JI lecture on Intelligent Living series ” Is Prayer a Weakness ” on May 9 and 10th.

Sri Ramanujam ji beautifully explained the importance of Prayers and quoted us examples from Kunthi stuthi. As kunthi devi praises Bhagavan in Kunthi stuthi showing her gratitude to Krishna ,she recollect how Krishna helped them in all difficult times.She even prays to Bhagavan to give more sufferings ,so she could do more smarana of Him and get His Darshan. Sri Ramu ji beautifully explained how a prayer should b , being grateful and heartfelt . He mentioned about 4 ways to control our mind through sathvic food, Breathing exercises, Shravanam of Lord stories and by nama sankeerthanam .He also answered questions from devotees all over North America.

At the end of His lecture, our Raleigh GOD families offered our humble pranams through a small video clipping ..

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