Kids Performance and Satsang at Mansfield, MA

On the evening of Friday Feb 24th, the kids from the Gopa Kuteeram satsang performed classical dance, recited slokas, kirtans and bhajans at the residence of Shri Rajasekhar and Mrs. Ranjani Rajasekhar in Mansfield, MA. The kids enacted a beautiful skit – on Sabhari Moksha depicting how the grace of Guru and Rama Nama can transform and liberate a soul.

Shri Poornimaji, the special guest for the evening, applauding the parents for putting the children on the right track, spoke about the importance of inculcating such values right from the young age. Citing various examples, she spoke about how these strengthen the child’s mind and give the most-required mental stability and balance throughout the child’s future. She underlined the importance of catching hold of Mahamantra. All the kids gave an assurance of chanting the Mahamantra everyday.

The Satsang concluded with Mahamantra Kirtan and Harthi.

It was organized by Smt. and Shri Rajasekhar who conduct free weekly Gopa Kuteeram Classes for kids in the Mansfield area.

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