‘Krishna Jananam’ Discourse in Toronto

On Sunday April 8th 2018, 2018 Sri Ramanujamji discourse was on “Krishna Jananam” from Srimad Bagavatham at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple, Brampton. Sri Ramanujamji explained how Srimad Bagavatham is the Nama Puranam and it is only solace in this Kaliyuga. Chanting the names of Lord Krishna is the only Vratham instead of talking unnecessary talks in this world. He reiterated on three points Listen, Chant and Remember. This will make Krishna stay in our heart forever. After Sri Ramanujamji’s discourse we had a cradle decorated for Kuzhandai Kannan and all the children and ladies danced around Krishna for the Madhuragitams of Sri Swamiji.

In addition to discourses in temples, house satsangs were also held on April 5th and April 9th. Sri Ramanujamji brought out the importance of being in Satsanga and following the path as advised by of a Mahatma is very important. Lot of new people enjoyed and grasped the essence of Sri Ramanujamji’s talks.

Toronto GOD families had a blissful 6 days of satsang with Sri Ramanujam ji. We are very grateful to Sri Swamiji was giving us this wonderful blissful Satsanga and prayers at the Lotus feet for more and more of such experiences.

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