‘Krishna Leela’ Anukaranam Baby Shower in Westford MA

Baby shower at a Westford residence was celebrated with Krishna Leelanukaranam – recounting the birth of Little Krishna.

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving, the 25th of November 2017, at the residence of Smt. Ranjani Hari and Sri Hari who are expecting their second son, Mahamnatra Kirtan was initially performed for about 30 minutes following which the three chapters from Srimad Bhagavatam narrating the incidents leading to Sri Krishna’s descent and Sri Krishna’s Avathaaram was recited. This was followed by Nandotsavam. The residence was transformed into Gokulam. With Nandababa putting the little Krishna in the cradle, little children sang and danced around Krishna. The adult Gopas and Gopis too danced to the tunes of Sri Swamiji’s Madhura Geetham and Bhajans with Dandiya sticks. This was followed by a discourse on Krishna Jananam by Sri Narayanan.

More than 40 devotees who took part in the celebrations were fed with a sumptuous prasadam after the satsang.

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