Sri Krishna Janamashtami Celebration across the US

GOD Orlando Chapter, FL:
By the immense grace of Madhuri Sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varadan and Guru Maharaj, GOD Satsang Orlando celebrated the birth of the Unborn! The event was held at the residence of Ranjini ji/ Nagarajan ji. The event started with 3 hours of Akhandanama and then followed by anukaranam of Vasudeva’s journey to Gokula and Nandotsavam. As a part of Nandotsavam, kids offered various Madhurageetams and Sampradaya bhajans accompanied by Mridangam, Kanjeera and symbols. The entire atmosphere was filled with the sweet names of Bhagavan and His glories.

A total of 60 devotees participated in the event and were blessed with the presence of Guru ji’s Padukas, Sri Jagannath Parivaar and numerous forms of baby Krishna. We humbly prostrate unto the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj and Bhagavan to bless us with more and more utsavs, kainkarya and Nama in the near future.

Namadwaar, Virginia:
With the immense blessings of our Premika Varadhan- Madhuri Sakhi and Sri SwamiJi, Namadwaar Virginia celebrated Janmashtami on August 19th 2022 at Namadwaar.
The satsang started with Mahamantra Kirtan. We had Tirumanjanam for our divine couple. As it was performed, the devotees chanted Mahamantra Kirtan. Also ‘Neeratal’ pasuram was also recited.
After the Tirumanjanam, the divine couple were adorned with new vastrams (dress), jewelry and garlands. The divine couple had beatific smiles, filling the entire Namadwaar with divinity.
This was followed by Guru vandanam, with many Guru Kirtans. Madhurageethams on nama mahima, Krishna and songs pertaining to Krishna jananam were rendered. The devotees then recited slokas from Srimad Bhagavatam tenth canto, 1 -3 chapters. The devotees showered our dear Premika Varada-Madhurisakhi with flowers and ‘Gopala’ nama.
Then the devotees celebrated Nandotsav, which means enacting how (anukaranam) Our little Krishna was carried in a basket to Gokulam. While a devotee as Vasudevar, was taking Krishna, devotees rendered avatara Madhurageethams. A beautifully decorated swing was ready to rest our little Krishna. He was offered milk and variety of snacks made with love by all the devotees. Periyazhwar pasurams on nandotstav was recited. The gopas and gopis had divyanama, dancing and singing namavallis around Krishna. Then prayer Kirtans to be ever blessed with satsang was rendered. The devotees felt blessed to attend the satsang.
The satsang concluded with kaliyayum bali kollum Kirtan and Maha Arthi. Dinner Maha prasad was served.

Namadwaar, Seattle:
By the blessings of Sri Guru Maharaj and Sri PremikaVaradhan and MadhuriSakhi, Seattle Satsang members celebrated Janmastami by Parayanam of Srimad Baghavatham ,Madhurageethams, Nandhosthavam and aarthi. Next day we had akandhanama, Sangeetha Kainkaryam by Amatra Jagannathan (Violin) and Mukundh (Mirudangam), Harikatha (Poothana Moksham) by Vaishnaviji and Mudhurageethams.

Namadwaar, Atlanta:
Grand weeklong Janmashtami celebrations held at Atlanta Namadwaar began on the 15th of August. Namadwaar was decorated with tricolor and the Indian National Flag commemorating the 75th year of Indian Independence. The Lordships dressed in beautiful attire complemented the jubilant celebration. The celebrations began with Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham. Morning Parayanam was held via Zoom and in person at Namadwaar. August 15th to 17th devotees offered Ashtapathi in the evenings, followed by Harathi and Dolotsavam at Namadwaar for the pleasure of Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varada Takurji.
August 18th evening, celebration began with Thirumanjanam for Sri Premika Varada Takurji. Namadwaar was filled with vibrant chanting of Mahamantra. Thirumanjam was followed by Smt. Jeya Kishore ji’s beautiful narration of Sri Krishna Jananam Katha. The Katha was intertwined with slokas from the 10.3 canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The intelligible explanation of the slokas kept both kids and adults engaged. The Katha concluded with a melodious rendition of Avatharithan Kannan Madhuragitam. The evening was further enriched with Nandotsavam. A beautiful cradle bejeweled with colorful flowers seated baby Krishna. The evening celebration concluded with Harathi and Dolotsavam.

August 19th was a prelude to the grand Radha Kalyanam on the 20th. The evening was filled with soulful offering of Divyanamam and Janavasam for the Lordships.
Radha Kalyanam was celebrated on the 20th at Namadwaar. The celebration was filled with Madhurageetham, Kalyana Ashtapathi, Nama. Chanting of sacred mantras further enhanced the vibration. The joyous Gopas and Gopis of all ages sang and danced around Krishna. No celebration is complete without food, a grand wedding meal was served to all the devotees. The grand weeklong celebration was attended by over 200 people.

 Namadwaar, Houston:
A week-long celebration of Janmashtami was held at Namadwaar Houston from Aug 19-27. 

Sri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated on August 19th, with over 65 people coming to witness Bhagavan Shri Krishna’s birth. Many devotees offered their kirtans to the Lord. This was followed by the Parayanam of the first three chapters of Dashama Skanda. A wonderful Katha describing the descent of Bhagavan as Krishna was offered. This was followed by Nandotsavam where children and ladies played kolattam and danced around Krishna, who was placed in a swinging cradle. It was truly a wonderful experience.

The Janmashtami celebration continued through the week with Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham. Bhagatava Mahatmyam parayanam was performed on Aug 20 and saptaham was performed from Aug 21 through 27. On Aug 21 Sunday morning, a special prayer was held for Gopa Kuteeram classes that were to begin the following week. The prayer was followed by uriyadi or an enactment of Krishna breaking the pot of butter. Children took turns to break a pot filled with candy and then happily indulged in the sweets.

On Friday Aug 26, Nikunjotsavam and Janavasam was celebrated. Upcoming violinist Pranav Praveen, student of Sri Mahesh Iyer performed a mini concert of lovely krithis on Sri Srinivasa Perumal and Sri Radha-Krishna. He was accompanied by Maheshwar Ajaykumar, student of Sri Madipakkam Suresh. Following this, young Manasi Ganesh, student of Smt. Indrani Parthasarathy, presented three lovely Bharatanatyam items. The highlight piece was the beautiful, innocent depiction of a Dasaranama where Sri Purandaradasa sings of little Krishna complaining to Yashoda ma that his friends wouldn’t include him in their games and that they were looking at him wide-eyed and talking about his extraordinary stories. Following the Nikunjotsavam performances, Sri Premika Varadan and Madhuri Sakhi deities were taken on procession as kirtans on Krishna, Radha and then Yugalam kirtans were sung. Kimshukapriya (clarinet) and Pranav (violin) also played the traditional ‘English notes’ piece and ‘Maalai maatrinaal’ to add color to the divine procession.

On Aug 27 morning, the divine wedding of the Divine Couple – Shri Radha-Madhav Vivah – was performed in the Dakshina Sampradaya Radha Kalyana paddathi. The utsavam was then completed with Anjaneya Utsavam and a prayer for Bhagavan to bless everyone with devotion, kainkaryam, and more satsangs to celebrate Him. (GK prayer and Uriyadi)

 Bay Area GOD Satsang:
By the immense grace and compassion of Sri Swamiji, GOD Satsang Bay Area Chapter celebrated Sri Krishna Jananam Mahotsav over two weekends from August 20th to August 28th 2022.
On Friday, August 20th 2022, Sri Krishna Jananam and Nandotsav satsang was held in Milpitas from 8:30pm to midnight. The satsang commenced with Mahamantra followed by Srimad Bhagavata Dasmaskandam parayanam. At the stroke of midnight, Sri Krishna Jananam celebrations took place along with the rendition of Sri Madhurageethams. Nandotsav took place where all the devotees joyfully danced around the cradle of Lord Krishna. Sri Narenji discoursed on Sri Krishna Jananam after Nandotsav and the satsang concluded with prayers and Harathi. Close to 30 members took part in Sri Krishna Jananam satsang.

On Saturday, August 21st 2022, Sri Govinda Pattabhishekam was joyfully celebrated in Fremont from 10am to 2pm. The satsang commenced with Mahamantra followed by Srimad Bhagavata Dasmaskandam parayanam. The Govinda Pattabhishekam chapter summary was expounded by Sri Narenji. Sri Madhurageethams were rendered and everyone chanted the divine name ‘Govinda’ and Annakutothsav was performed. Close to 50 devotees took part in the Govinda Pattabhishekam special satsang.
On Saturday, August 28th 2022, Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsav was celebrated in a very grand manner in Dublin from 10am to 4pm in Sampradaya paddathi. The satsang commenced with Mahamantra, followed by Thodayamangalam, Guru Kirtans, Nama Mahima kirtans and Ashtapadis. Sri Radha Kalayana Mahotsav then took place along with the recital of Choornikai, Pravaram and Lagnashtakam followed by Sri Anjaneya utsavam. Close to 50 devotees took part in the Sri Radha Kalayana Mahotsav.
On Sunday,August 29th 2022, Theppostav for the divine couple was celebrated in South San Jose from 5:30pm to 9pm. The divine couple was taken on a boat ride to the singing of Sri Madhurageethams and Gopika Geetham. CLose to 75 devotees took part in the Theppotsav.

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