"Krishna-The Descent of Divinity" at DFW Temple in Dallas

The Madura Utsav-Fall 2012 discourse series of Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama commenced at The DFW Hindu Temple on Thursday, November 22, 2012 with pomp and glory. The first day discourse was on ‘Krishna – The Descent of Divinity’. The Krishna Katha series rightfully started with Bhagavata parayanam (10th Canto) by Bhagavathas. Shri Ramanujamji’s discourse started with the importance of scriptures, and why Sage Suka was compared to a parrot as he flew about the tree of Veda to pluck the ripest of the fruits, namely Srimad Bhagavatam. Shri Ramanujamji took the devotees to the Yuga when King Parikshit was desperate to hear Krishna Katha from Sage Suka and as to how he tested his patience. Akin to King Parikshit all the devotees in Dallas were equally eager to listen to Krishna Katha. Without testing them further Shri Ramanujamji detailed Krishna Jananam in his signature style. Even though many of them had heard this several times before, the devotees listened to the discourse as though they were hearing it for the first time! After Kamsa heard the divine voice telling that Devaki’s eighth garba (fetus in womb) will destroy him, he imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva. When the first son Keerthiman was born, Vasudeva took him to Kamsa and being an Asura, his faltering mind felt sad for the poor child, and he was about to spare the newborn. Just then, his Guru – Narada Maharishi stepped in and changed his mind. The important point was that a Guru will appear at the right time to fulfill a divine sankalpa. After killing all the seven children, the eighth Garba was that of the Lord Krishna. Sri Ramanujamji described the beauty of Krishna when he was born and the way he was carried by Vasudeva across river Yamuna, but the question was why Lord Krishna made Vasudeva to carry him, when he could have easily switched places and it was verily because Bhagavan likes processions in a palanquin above devotees head and probably that was the first procession of Lord Krishna and rocking the Lord in a cradle was compared to the lord sitting in ever swaying mind and calming it. The discourse concluded with Avatharithan Kannan vada madhuraiyil and other kirtans rendered by the devotees. This was followed by Shri Ramanujamji playing the role of Nandababa, carrying baby Krishna on his head to perform a Jhoola Utsav. The Utsav was celebrated with joyfulness and festivities by all the devotees, young and old, who participated in a Divyanamam, thus commemorating a wonderful Krishna Jananam. After a scrumptious feast, the devotees dispersed only eager to come back to hear the next day discourse on Dhamodhara Leela.

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