Lalitha Sahasranamam at Aurora, IL

Date: November 28 2007
Time: 8:45pm – 9:30pm
Topic:  Greatness of Mother Devi and Kanchi Periyava
Venue: Residence of Ms. Kalai., Aurora, Illinois
Pravachana karta: Kum. Poornima Kumarasami

There was a satsang at the residence of Ms. Kalai’s, were around 30 ladies had gathered to chant Lalitha Sahasranama. Poornimaji spoke about the greatness of Mother Devi and Kanchi Periyava, who lived the life of Dharma like Lord Rama. She beautifully conveyed the message that Mahamantra, is not only meant for attaining the blessing of Lord Shri Rama or Lord Shri Krishna, but also by chanting Mahamantra, anyone could attain the blessing of their Lord of wish (Ishta Devatha), very quickly.

Poornimaji was successful in getting the rapt attention of the crowd for about 45 min and relished every bit of the speech. The crowd sang Mahamantra along with her happily.

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