Madhura Utsav in Richmond, Virginia — July 2014

With the Blessings of Sri Swamiji, “Madhura Utsav” was celebrated from 2-July-14 through 6-July-14 with devotees from various parts of US joining the celebration.

Virginia GOD Satsang celebrated  ‘Madhura Utsav’ for the second time in grandeur .

The first day of the Utsav started with ‘Akanta Nama’ Chanting followed by ‘Sri Bhagavadha Parayanam’,  “Pranams” to the “SathGuru Padhuka” and Guru Kirtans sung by the devotees. The evening was celebrated with ‘Divya Nama Bhajan’ and a ‘hearty’ Satsang.  The second day of the Utsav commenced with Srimath Bhagavadha ‘Dhasama Skandha’ Parayanam followed by eager and enthusiastic participation of all in the “Nandhothsavam” accompanied by “Kolattam”.  The evening saw the bloom with Boston Sri. Narayananji’s beautiful discourse on ‘Bhagavadha Dharmam’ followed by ‘Garuda Seva’ concluded with ‘Divya Nama’ Satsang.

The third day of the Utsav saw the dawn with Houston Sriramji’s enthralling discourse on ‘Govardhana Leela’ and  together with ‘Govinda Nama’ chanting, ‘Pattabhishegam’ was performed for  our beloved Premika Varadhan.The evening was all brightened up by Virigina Gopakuteeram’s little Gopas & Gopis through their ‘Dance-Drama’ performances of the ‘Bhakta Meera’ skit followed by the ‘Kaliyan Utsav’ (Thirumangai Alwar’s story).

The fourth day of the Utsav was the day of ‘Rukmani Kalyanam” and “Raj Bhog” Seva.  Sri.Natarajan Annasamy gave a heart-warming lecture  on ‘Rukmani Kalyanam’ which was then followed by the renowned ‘Mahathma Amaalu Amma’s’ Kritis  rendered by Srimathi. Padma Shankaran. In the evening, all the devotees were transported to the world of ‘musical bliss’ by Srimathi. Lalitha & Selvi. Ajitha’s ‘Veena’ performances. The performance included the Divine Maha-Mantraand asri Swamiji’s Kirtans.

The dusk was filled with the air of kid’s joyful screams watching ‘Ramayana themed Puppet Show’ directed by Srimathi. Rekha NarayananJi followed by prize distribution for the ‘Meera Skit’ participants and the ‘Color competition’ participants.

Late in the evening ‘Jaanvasam’ made the day ‘complete’ with the ‘Krishna’ supporters singing in praise of ‘Lord Krishna’ followed by the ‘Radha’ supporters singing  kirtans in praise of ‘Radha’ which all ended well with crackers taking the attention of kids followed by exchange of “flower garlands” by the ‘Kalyana Mahotsava Thambathigal’. Radhe ! Radhe!

The fifth day was “THE DAY” of “SRI RADHA KALYANA MAHOTHSAVAM”.  “Dhasama Skandha Parayanam”  was completed and celebrated “Sri Radha Kalyana Vaibhavam” by singing Sri Jayadevar’s 24 Ashtapathis and Kalyana Tharangam. The Blissful “Madhura Utsav” concluded with “Anjeneya Utsav”and “Vidaiyatri “ followed by MahaPrashad.


Everyone who attended the Utsav felt the ‘Divine Potency’ in every form be it the weather, sponsorship or participation. The entire Utsav stayed highlighted with the untiring support and guidance by elders Sri Sankaran and Srimathi. Kanchana Sankaran(Bay Area), Sri SathiaMoorthy and Srimathi. Saraswathi SathiaMoorthy (Boston), Sri Veezhinathan and Srimathi. VijayaLakshmi Veezhinathan (Richmond), Srimathi. Banumathi Babu(Seattle).  About 200+ devotees participated in the 5 day Utsav and felt blessed. On all the 5 days, ‘AnnaDhaanam’ was part of the events. The last day of the Utsav was concluded with heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Sri Swamiji for bestowing his grace on all the devotees to take part in this beautiful Madhura Utsav.

It was indeed  grace filled week which everyone will cherish for sure. Virginia GOD Satsang team felt blessed with the God-given opportunity to conduct such a grand Utsav and be of service to Sri Swamiji.

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