Madhurotsav in Dallas Namadwaar with Sri Poornima ji

By Immense Krupa of Sri Swamiji, Dallas GOD chapter had a great 3-Day Madhurotsav lead by Sri Poornima ji from March 15 to 17 2019 in Dallas Namadwaar.

Day 1 began with a rendition of Madhura Gitam by young children of Dallas GOD. This was followed by the most awaited discourse(katha) by Sri Poornima ji – ‘Chala Pandarila Javu’!

She beautifully rendered the life stories of various householders who lived a saintly life in Pandarpur by always singing the Divine Names of Lord Panduranga. It was a katha with rich music, where she sang various abhangs composed by the Sants of Pandarpur like Sant Tukaram, Sant Gnaneshwar, Sant Kanhopathra and more…After the katha, we had a ‘Janavasam’ – a procession of the Lordship on the night before the Divine Wedding of the divine couple, Sri Madhuri Saki sameta Sri Premika Varadan. Various compositions of Sri Swamiji on Sri Radha Rani and Sri Krishna that were apt for the occasion were beautifully sung by the devotees lead by Sri Poornima ji. An Orchestral band ensemble was lovingly offered to the Lordship by GOD kids from various regions.

Day 2 started off with Radha Kalyanam, divine wedding in grandeur by Sri Poornima ji amidst the rendition of Ashtapathis and madhura gitams. ‘Krishna Premamayi Radha’ – A musical ensemble was presented enthusiastically by children of GOD’s Krishna Cottage bhajan program from various regions as an offering to the Lordship. Young singers and accomplished artists and dancers from Minneapolis and Houston joined singers and dancers from Dallas to present this lovely program. This was followed by Sri Poornima ji’s katha, a continuation of Day 1. After the katha was Vaarkari – Enacted the procession of Sant Tukaram & Gnaneshwar Maharaj in grandeur with abhang mela to Pandari lead by Sri Poorninma ji. The day concluded with Deepotsavam – ‘Enjoying the darshan of divine couple amidst the lamps light around the altar’. It was indeed a treat for our eye, amongst rendition of madhura gitams by devotees and kids lead by Sri Poornima ji.

Day 3, being an Ekadasi day, Thirumanjanam was performed to the divine couple and Sri Swamiji’s holy Padukas by Sri Poornima ji. Following this, Govindapattabhishekam was celebrated with Srimad Bhagavata parayanam. Variety of food was offered to the great bhagavata – ‘The Govardhana’ hill by the devotees in all joy. This form of Sri Krishna where He lifts the hill on His little finger, ‘Giridhari’ of Sant Meerabai was sweetly brought to everyone’s thoughts by Sri Poornima ji’s brief talk on the subject. Following this was Garuda Vahana procession and Thepotsavam celebrations with the divine couple. The final day of utsav concluded with Sri Poornima ji’s last day of katha in the ‘Chaala Pandarila Jaavu’ series. Around 200 to 250 people attended the Madhurotsav joyfully. Mahaprasad was served to all on all 3 days.

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