Means for Peace in this Chaotic Age

Date: November 4, 2007
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am
Topic:  Things that matter the most
Venue:  Radio program
Pravachana Karta: Sri Ramanujam Mukundagiri

“The Things That Matter Most” is a radio show broadcast on Houston and Dallas radio station every Sunday morning. Hosted by Lael Arrington and Rick Davis, Christian writer and entrepreneur respectively, the talk show explores different religious/spiritual philosophies of the world and makes a comparative study vis-a-vis Christian precepts.

On October 11th, Ramuji was invited as a guest on the radio show and interviewed on the Hindu views about different spiritual percepts like personal and impersonal God, devotion etc.   With Ramuji speaking about how Hinduism was truly catholic in nature, the discussion culminated in his echoing of Sri Sri Swamiji’s path of Chanting the Divine Name of God as the easiest way to attain God. This talk show that was aired on Nov 4 th is also available on the radio-station’s website as a podcast under the title ‘A Hindu Prescription for Peace in busy chaotic times.’

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