"Nama Pravesh" in the United States

Although it was a daily routine journey from the East, on that Sunday, the Sun God knew that He was going to play guest to a special place. Even before the mellow rays of the early morning Sun embraced the eastern walls of the hallowed
portal to divinity, one could smell through the ears, the fragrance of divinity, if he passed by the Namadwaar in Manvel, TX.

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 – It was the Gruhapravesh of the first Namadwaar in the United States.

The Sun God getting ready to start His day… “agham
dhunvanti kaartsyena neehaaram iva bhaaskarah” – The Divine Name wipes out the sins just as the rays of the Sun clears the morning mist… —
As seen from inside the Namadwaar

Sri Sri Swamiji would say, “Gruha” means ‘abode’ and “Pravesh” denotes ‘entering’. Gruhapravesh is not about us entering a new abode. It is about the
Lord entering it.

At about 5:30 am, amidst chanting of the “Hare Rama..” Mahamantra by the devotees of the satsang from the Houston area, the Divine Padukas of His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji along with His Portrait and the portrait of
Sri Madhuri Saki Sameta Sri Premika Varadan Thakurji entered the abode of Nama at 3642, Bailey Ave, Manvel, TX and graciously decorated the Altar. The Kirtan “Varuvai
Varuvai Gurunaatha…” was sung to invite their Lordships to the Holy Abode.

The Altar beautifully decorated by the presence of their Lorships The milk being boiled by Sri Jeevanji’s mother as Lakshmiji and Nishaji look on…

At around 6:15 am, as the milk was warmed on the stove, Puja to the Holy Padukas of Sri Sri Swamiji was performed. The the Kirtan “Mangalaalayaaya…mama gurudevaaya…” was sung, as flowers were offered to the Padukas and Sri Sri
Swamiji. This was followed by the “Prema Swaroopa..Prema Swaroopa…” Kirtan on the Divine Couple.

Puja to the Padukas and the Divine Couple by Sri Narayananji and Sri Ramanujamji amidst rendering of Sri Swamiji’s Kirtans Women devotees preparing fruit prasad for distribution

Then, the female devotees of the satsang led the “Kaliyayum Bali Kollum….” Kirtan of Sri Sri Swamiji that spoke of the glory of the “Hare Rama…” Mahamantra, the life- force of the Namadwaar.

Sri Sri Swamiji who witnessed the function from India through the internet gave His blessings through the wire. In His benedictory note, He said, it was truly a moment of a dream coming true. He also sent His blessings to all those near and
far, who had directly or indirectly helped and taken part in this divine effort of establishing the Namadwaar in the US.

Benedictory address by Sri Sri Swamiji through the internet The Abode of Divinity from outside…

The boiled milk was then offered to the Lord and Deepa Harathi was performed followed by the Prarthana Kirtan. All the devotees offered flowers to the Lord with fervent prayers in their hearts and Mahamantra in their lips.

After Puja and Harthi When Nama Sankirtan started….

Then Mahamantra Kirtan was performed by all the devotees for about an hour. Then a short discourse on the purpose of the “Namadwaar” was rendered.It was beautifully explained how Namadwaar will complement all the other forms and
paths of worship.

As Mahamantra Kirtan starts…Surya Bhagavan inundating the Namadwaar with rays of love and grace… As Mahamantra Kirtan starts…Surya Bhagavan inundating the Namadwaar with rays of love and grace…

The “Namapravesh” satsang ended with Mangala Harathi.

Sri Ramanujamji discoursing… ‘As residents in the USA, let us give back Nama to the country….’

The function was possible thanks to divine grace and the tireless work of the Houston GOD Satsang devotees who worked round the clock to get the place ready for the event in just two days after the property was purchased on the evening
of Friday, February 12th.

Standing L->R: Sri Ramanujamji, GBji,Ramji
Sitting Row 1 L->R: Hemaji, Lakshmiji, Zeniji, Gopalji
Sitting Row 2 L->R: Muktaji, Mrs.Radhakrishnanji, Nishaji, Sriramji, Narayananji, Jeevanji, Radhakrishnanji
Sitting Row-3 L->R: Madhuraji, Mukundji

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