Nama Satsang in Dallas

Nama Sankirtan was conducted at Sri Anand and Smt.Asha’s house on August 21st, 2010 in Dallas. The chanting started off with Dyana sloka at 2pm. It was followed by Mahamantra kirtan for the next two hours. The devotees recited Bhishma stuthi and Druva stuthi. Sri Mayakoothanji gave a short satsang on Anjaneya bakthi. It was followed by Guru kirtans for the next half an hour.
The Gopa Kuteeram kids shared a small narration on Lakshmi and also sang songs. The evening came to an end with “Kaliyaiyum bali kollum”, and arthi. Boomaji and Sangeethaji were the brains and hearts behind the entire event and they executed it meticulously within a very short lead time.

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