Poornimaji's satsang at the residence of Sri.Shankar Ramanathan in Bay Area

Poornimaji’s satsang in Bay Area began on a Thursday, the 12th January at the residence of Shri. Sankar Ramanathan and Smt. Srividya Nagarajan. Since thursday is the day dedicated to Guru, the topic of discussion for the day was very apt: “Guru Karuna Vilasam”.
Poornimaji beautifully elucidated about the difference between mahatmas and Avatara Purushas.All Avatara purushas are Mahatmas but all Mahatmas cannot be Avatara Purushas. Mahatmas are elevated souls but might not have the ability to save other people or elevate them in a state so as to reach god.Avatara purushas are those elevated souls who come down to save people from the the grip of samsara.

She also cited examples from various mahans’ lives such as Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Yogiramsuratkumar, Seshadri Swamigal
to show that mahans are very different from one another and are embodient of compassion. It is impossible to identify a mahan unless one is a mahan himself.

She then expounded on the kindess and compassion of a Sadguru. Bhagwan himself says that it is a great sin to consider one’s guru as a mere human being. Mahans allow themselves to be tested over and over again out of kindness for their disciples.
Poornimaji drove home the fact that words cannot explain the grace and compassion of a Sadguru. The main take away point is that
we have to just hold on to the path shown by our Guru with faith and devotion and our Guru will take care of the rest.

The Satsang ended with nama and prayers. Weekly Nama chanting satsang is now being conducted at Shankar’s residence.

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