Radha Kalyanam with Madhurageetham in Boston

Hevilambi is the new year – for those who follow the Chandramana calendar, it already started with the Yugadi. For those on the solar roll, the new year was on April 14. The Keralites also celebrate this as Vishu. Madhuragitam MahaYagyam is a resolution by the Boston GOD Satsang team of Quincy, Weymouth & Braintree- MA area that they would sing all the 700+ Madhuragitams composed by our beloved Sri Swamiji. April 15 was also the day when the 5th Eposide of Madhuragitam MahaYagyam was to take place. So, the devotees of Boston GOD Satsang decided to celebrate all these occassions with Radha Kalyanam at Sri Sai Chavadi Mandir, Canton MA on Saturday, April 15 2017. This one was special – because – this was not celebrated with the usual Ashtapathi bhajans- but instead, all the songs from Sri Swamijis compositions were chosen to preserve the same bhava as would be if the Ashtapathis were rendered. When the Madhuragitams came to and end, the formal wedding took place. As The choorinkai, pravarams and Lagnashtakam were chanted, the ladies carried the Seeru for the divine couple. The divine couple were dressed in grand new attire and as the ‘Mangalya Dharanam’ was chanted, the couple were wedded. About 30 devotees including children had a chance to take part in this divine wedding. With prayers, the satsang concluded with Mahamantra.

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