Rama Navami Akhanda Nama Sankirtan at Dallas

On 03/27/2010, Akanda Nama Sankirtan was conducted in Dallas at the residence of Shri Lakshmananji/Shyamalaji’s house.The Mahamantra chanting started off with the chanting of Dyana sloka at 2pm. This was followed by non stop mahamantra kirtan for about two hours. After that with cymballs ringing, some of Sri Sri Swamiji’s kirtans were sung.

‘Ramaramana Hari’ is very popular among this group and was sung with the fullest enjoyment. Mayakoothanji gave a short satsang on Lord Rama and Guru mahima. Some of the members had prayer requisition and Nama was again chanted with full energy for the last ten minutes.

Let my eyes see only Thee
Let my ears hear only Thou’s Nama
Let my lips chant only Mahamantra
Let my mind focus only on Thee and
Let my heart be filled with Thy love

Everyone was immersed in Bhakti towards the Lord. The Lord’s presence was felt.

The satsang ended with ‘Kaliyaiyum bali kollum’ and arthi. Nearly fifty devotees were blessed to take part in this event.

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