Rath Yatra in Atlanta Namadwaar

Akanda Nama : Atlanta Namadwaar had Akanda Nama on 2 days this month.
th September and on 27th Of Sep on account of Ekadashi

September 19th: Rathyatra
Atlanta Namadwaar celebrated its annual Rath Yatra with the same enthusiasm and as always. The current conditions and limitations did not deter the spirit of the Rath Yatra.  Bhagavathas enjoyed the Rath Yatra online. Ramuji spoke to the Bhagavathas about the greatness and significance of the Rath yatra.

A beautiful Rath was built. Lord Sri Jagannath ji accompanied by Balaram ji and Subadhra ji dressed in their finery were seated in the beautiful Rath. They enjoyed the yatra as the devotees young and old alike pulled the Rath inside of Atlanta Namadwaar amidst joyful singing. At the end of the yatra the Lordships were offered Chappan Bhog to suit their royal palate.

Note : COVID guidelines were strictly adhered to by the Bhagavathas during the Rath Yatra. Limited families were invited.  The Bhagavathas maintained social distancing and wore masks throughout the event.

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