Satsang at Quincy residence

On the evening of Sunday March 4th, Shri Poornimaji addressed about 25 devotees in Quincy in an apartment complex – Faxon Commons – on the practical spirituality for the current age. Shri Poornimaji started off the satsang with bhajans and kirtans of Sri Swamiji, followed by her discourse, where she dealt with the spirituality and need for spirituality. She narrated the episode of ‘Uddhava Sandesham’ from Srimad Bhagavatam and explained how devotion and meditation are synonymous and spontaneous in nature. She explained how merely chanting the Mahamantra could lead to the meditative state and make one attain the Supreme Bhakti.

The satsang ended with Sri Swamiji’s Mahamantra Kirtan and dinner prasad was served to everyone.

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