Satsang with Poornimaji at the residence of Shri Ramanan and Smt Sridevi in Richmond, Virginia

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, satsang with Sri.Poornimaji at the residence of Ramananji and SriDeviji on February 4th 2012, in Richmond Virginia went very well. This satsang marked the first Gopakuteeram session for Virginia GOD chapter kids in the presence of Poornimaji.

Kids who were enrolled to the Gopa Kuteeram session chanted Mahamantra and they learned some slokas and couple of kirtans. After this divine start, Shri Poornimaji gave an eloquent lecture on how one can establish inner peace by controlling the mind and by the chanting of the Mahamantra.
She outlined some of her personal experiences she had in India and Australia. She talked about the talent of discrimination that all human beings possess and explained how human beings can use and misuse this great power. She explained the precept that happiness is the only reason behind every human being’s action and talked about how this could be an adventurous action or an unadventurous action. She clearly explained that joy and peace are verily the goals for everyone and substantiated this maxim from scriptures.

Even though all paths could be different, they ultimately lead to inner peace, the same destination. Poornimaji weaved a heavenly cloth interlaced with these golden thoughts as strands and presented to the devotees effortlessly. The lecture awakened everyone and made one and all realize the ultimate goal and purpose of life.
She then delineated the power of Mahamantra and elucidated how Mahamantra helps children in India, during tough examination time. She explained Mahamantra has the only Mantra that can be chanted at any time by anyone, like a medicine. The greatness of Mahamantra is that it works whether we chant it whole heartedly or not. The Mahamantra ushers in goodness and inner peace in one’s life anytime it is chanted.
The Satsang ended with Mahamantra chanting.

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