Satsangs with Ramanujamji in Boston

A three-day discourse series was organized in Boston area from April 13-15, 2018 at St. Matthews United Methodist Church in Acton MA.
Sri Ramanujamji discoursed on Sri Swamiji’s Mahamantra Kirtan over the three days. On day-1, he spoke on the Sanathana Dharma and the Bhagavata Dharma – how the two are intertwined and how they complement each other. Based on this premise, on the remaining days, he expounded on the complicated/less understood verses from “Kaliyayum Bali Kollum” kirtan.

Students from Deiva Tamizh Vauppugal, Madhura Gitam and Gopa Kuteeram performed for the Lordships before the discourse started on each day. Around 65 to 70 devotees participated on each day and partook the nectar of the discourse.

On Saturday April 14th, Sri Ramanujamji also met with the students of the Bhagavatam classes and held an interactive workshop with them on Bhagavata Parayanam.

On Sunday, April 15th, “Madhura Arpanam” – an utsav commemorating Padhuka Pattabhishekam – anniversary of Sri Swamiji’s padukas – was held at “Padhuka Dham” in Concord MA. Disciples of the “Janaki Mami Narayaneeyam Group” led by Smt. Radha Narayana chanted Narayaneeyam, followed by Bhagavata Parayanam. This was followed by Sri Ramanujamji’s discourse, following which the ‘Pattabhishekam’ was celebrated.

On Tuesday April 17th, Sri Ramanujamji discoursed on the first verse – “Janmadhyasya” of Srimad Bhagavatam – giving the Sridhareeyam exposition and blessed the devotees with coins on the occasion of “Akshaya Thritheeyai”.

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