Second Gopa Kuteeram at Chicago

Date: May 17 2009
Venue: Gopa Kuteeram, Chicago IL
Event: Kids Program – II

In Sri Swamiji’s words, righteous virtues and the seeds of Bhakti should be sown in the young minds because they tend to grasp them very quickly. In tune with this thought, ‘Gopa Kuteeram’, a kids educational program is being organized in Chicago every month.  The second such program took place at the Zivan’s residence in Chicago.

The program started off with a 10 min Mahamantra Kirtan. Following Mahamantra, it was the homework review time – the homework from the last Gopa Kuteeram (Crossword puzzle) was reviewed and answers given.

The kids were taught a few slokas on Hanumanji, a Bhajan and they were also told a story on Sri Vallabhacharya, that highlighted the virtue of honesty. The kids then enacted the story. In the game-time, one of the kids would try to find the other kids while being blindfolded. Undoubtedly, the kids enjoyed the game very much. Another session of Mahamantra kirtan and Harati concluded the program. During Harati, Sri Swamiji’s Bhajan “Aanjaneya Aanjaneya Rama” was sung which also happened to be the song of the month.

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