Seetha Kalyanam at Hopkinton, MA

Panguni Uththiram is the day in the tamil month of Panguni when the star is Uththiram. It was on this day that all the divine weddings took place – Deivanai with Lord Muruga, Shiva with Parvathi and Sri Sita Devi with Sri Rama. On this auspicious day, Boston GOD Satsang celebrated Sita Kalyanam at the residence of Sri Jegan and Smt Ramya at Hopkinton MA on Sunday April 9 2017 from 9:30am to 12:30pm. About 100 people including children – dressed in their best attire – were present for the event which, by the immense grace of our beloved Swamiji, started with the chanting of Mahamantra. The celebration commenced with Sampradaya Bhjan style with Thodaya Mangalam, Guru Kirtans and Ashtapadi. After singing the 19th Ashtapadi, the Lordships were placed in the palanquin. Amidst the sweet notes of Madhuragitams and namavalis, the devotees enjoyed taking them around the house as a procession enacting Shri Rama’s arrival in Mithila and breaking the bow followed by Sita Devi garlanding Sri Rama, garland exchange and the other ceremonies. Then the couple were invited into the wedding hall with Harathi and Kalyana Ashtapadi was sung. Followed by this, the traditional wedding with Choornikai and pravaram were recited. As they were recited, the little kids carried all the Seeru for the wedding. Amidst the chanting of Mangalashtakam and Mangalya Dharanam, the divine wedding took place followed by ‘Nalangu’. Sri Narayananji spoke about the importance of celebrating such Utsavs and described the Sita Kalyanam in detail as outlined in Valmiki Ramayana and Tualsi Ramayana. The satsang concluded with harathi and prayers.

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