Seminar  on ‘Hinduism and the concept of Bliss’ at Harvard

On Friday Jan 29th, at around 6:30 pm, Mr. Ramanujam addressed the undergrad students of Harvard University on the topic “Hinduism and the Conceptof Bliss”.  The talk was arranged by the “Dharma” group at Harvard.  The talk was well tuned to the sharp and intelligent minds that attended the seminar.

Mr. Ramanujam started off by explaining the true meaning of “Dharma” – as one of nature.  He spoke about the nature of the mind and the nature of the self. He then discussed in detail about the workings of the mind and the ways and means by which one can achieve perfection by controlling emotions like anger, greed etc. and returning to the natural self.

The 45 minute talk was followed by discussions which lasted for about 30 minutes.

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