Special Janmashtami Celebrations in Orlando, FL

By the infinite grace and compassion of Sri Swamiji and little
Kanhaiyya, Orlando GOD organized numerous programs to celebrate
Janmashtami, and by His divine grace the entire event was a grand
success. About 35 devotees attended the blissful event on August 27th
at the residence of Prajakta ji and Anand ji.

The satsang started with chanting of Mahamantra and Madhuragitams,
which charged the entire place with divine names and ushered us to the
celebration that was to follow.  Satsang members read chapters of
Srimad Bhagavatam to re-live the divine moments when the Lord decended
as little Krishna. Then all the devotees including kids participated
in Kolatam in the midst of MadhuraGitam namavali sung by Bhagavatas. The kids also
participatedi in Dahi Hundi.

Orlando GOD Satsang menmber offer their humble prostrations unto the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji for His immense compassion and blessing us with such blissful experience,
and divine names and offer their sincere prayers to Sri Swamiji and Thakuruji to bless
them with more and more satsangs and Kaikarya in the near future.


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