Special Satsang in Milwaukee

On March 20th, a special satsang was organized at the residence of Sri Sivakumar/Smt.Ezhil Sivakumar. Mr. Zivan Prakash and Mrs. Yaamini Zivan of our  Chicago satsang traveled to Milwaukee and facilitated the satsang.  Mrs. Yamini Zivan gave a talk on the greatness of Sanathana Dharma, what a Satsang is and what it can bestow on a common man, how it kindle’s true devotion(pure love), ultimately reach the Lord.

There were around 10 families with their kids. There was program for kids – Gopa kuteeram following the satsang talk. The kids were given a small potrait of Sri Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varadan . Prasad was served to all at the end of the Satsang.

The satsang was coordinated and organized by Mrs. Ezhil Sivakumar of Milwaukee.

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