Spiritual Discourse Series 2007 in Richland, WA Area

Date: 10 Nov 2007 and 11 Nov 2007

On behalf of Hindu Society of Eastern Washington, I would like to
thank GOD for the efforts to bring Ramuji amongst us in Richland, WA. It was an honour and blessing to have Ramuji . Ramuji spoke at three differrent times.

First, he give a lecture on Diwali.

Next, he taught moral values to our Children and the importance of Nama Japa. Children,really enjoyed the program.

In the final program he addressed adults and spoke about Nama Japa and how to get rid of stress through Nama Japa.

Ramuji had adressed approx 400 people which is a big number for our little community. People were so happy that we would like to have
Ramuji back very soon in our community.If possible, Gurujis visit will be a blessing for us here.
Once again thank you and hope to see Ramuji soon.

Dr Cheta Nand
Hindu Society of Eastern Washington

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