Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra in Orlando FL

By the immense grace and compassion of Sri Guru Maharaj, and bountiful mercy of Sri Thakurji, the first Sri Jagannath Rath yatra in Orlando went very well. Sri Guru Maharaj had blessed the event! A total of about 80+ participants attended and actively participated in the event. The event was held at the Orlando Casselberry Hindu temple and included Rath procession, cultural programs, and Chappan Bhog. Jagannath Ji ensured few Oriya families also participated and sang for Him.

VA GOD and Atlanta GOD constantly supported and guided us which really helped us build the Rath within a short time frame. Orlando GOD families including families of Nagarajan ji, Bala Sankar ji & Balaji Ramamurthy ji worked tirelessly for building the Rath and organizing the event.

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