Sri Narayaneeyam Shatakratu in Bay Area,CA

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, Sri Narayaneeyam Shatakratu was held for the first time in Bay Area on Sunday, November 25th 2018 from 9am to 5pm at SVCC Temple Fremont. The event started with Mahamantra chanting followed by rendition of Guru kirtans. This was then followed by parayanam of Narayaneeyam by 146 people. The parayanam was led by Smt.Shobha Parasuramji from Atlanta and Sri.Sundar ji from New Jersey. All the hundred dashakams were recited very beautifully by all devotees. Prasadam was offered after every dasakam. The dashakams glorifying various incarnations of Lord Sri Hari were celebrated with renditions of Madhuragitam. Krishna leela dashakams were very special to all devotees. Special prasad and celebrations interspersed parayanam of Krishna Leela. Rukmini Kalayanam dashakam was joyfully celebrated with a beautiful Rukmini Kalyanam. The last dashakam was truly a memorable one. All the devotees held a candle and prayed for all auspiciousness and good health and chanted the last dashakam with awe and reverence. The Sampoorna parayanam concluded with a Hanuman Utsav. Close to 225 devotees took part in this event.

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