Sri Poornimaji’s Satsang in Irvine, CA

The city of Irvine was yet again blessed this year with another satsang and discourse by Sri Poornimanji at the residence of Sri.Balajiji and Smt. Lathaji on the evening of the 9th of February 2018. That evening about 20-25 devotees enthusiastically awaited Sri.Poornimaji’s lecture on Santh Meera Bai’s Charithram.

Shri Poornimaji started off the lecture by quoting, Goswamiji’s words – ” binu satsang vivek na hoi ram kripa binu sulabh na soi ” – its entirely Bhagawan’s Grace that make us all think of Him and come to His satsang.

Poornimaji then went on to explain the various Bhakthi bhavas that great Mahathmas have for Bhagawan and the highest one is that which combines all the other bhavas which is called “Madhurya bhava” – the kind of Bhakthi Meera Bai had towards her Giridhari.

Meera Matha’s charithram shows to the world what really total surrender to the Lord is! Poornimaji reminisced Sri Swamiji’s words here by saying ,that at the end of listening to Meera Matha’s story if we can even believe such true love is possible then that itself would be our greatest blessing, because her Love for Bhagawan was pure,divine love in even adverse conditions!

Poornimaji concluded this wonderful soul stirring charithram with the message that we start chanting nama so that we can slowly connect us with Bhagawan effortlessly and the more and more we call out for Him, the seeds of divine love will also start spouting in our hearts.

The satsang concluded with the chanting of the Mahamanthra and with Nama chanting with prayers to Bhagavan and Sri Swamiji for more such satsangs. Mahaprasad was served to all.

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