GOD North America Radhashtami Celebration

Sri Radhashtami was celebrated by GOD North America, online from Namadwaar Houston on August 23-25, 2020 led by Sri Ramanujam ji.

On Aug 23 and 24, Sri Radha Devi’s padams that are present in Namadwaar were placed on a swing and kirtans on Sri Radha Devi were offered.

On Aug 25, Radhashtami morning, Sri Radha Nama was celebrated with joyful chanting, and Sri Radha ashtottram, Sri Radhikashtakam and Sri Raseshwari Stavam were all chanted as archana and puja was performed for Sri Madhuri Sakhi. In the evening, the sanctum at Namadwaar was beautifully decorated as Barsana the birthplace of Sri Radha Devi. As the full moon shone cheerfully, our Radha Devi was born amid the singing of beautiful Madhurageethams.

Later, both Sri Premika Varadan and Madhuri Sakhi were placed on a swing amid glowing lamps and more Madhurageethams were rendered praising them.It was a divine celebration in the presence of Sri Swamiji’s Padukas. Numerous devotees from around USA, Canada and other countries participated joyfully.

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