Sri Rama Navami Special Satsang in Orlando, Florida

By the Divine grace of Sri Swamiji and Madhuri Sakhi Samedha  Sri Premika Varadan Thakurji, Orlando GOD completed Akandanama on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami at the residence of Prajakta Ji and Anand Ji.

About 25 devotees participated on the occasion and experienced the vibrations created by chanting of the divine names. Following Akandanama, the devotees also rendered Madhura Gitam Kirtans and read Srimad Bhagavatam.

Orlando GOD Satsang members humbly prostrate unto Sri Swamiji for blessing us with satsang to chant the divine names, and pray that He blesses us with more and more satsangs in the near future.



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