Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi Celebration by New Jersey GOD Satsang

With the grace of Maharanyam HH Sri Muralidhara Swami Ji, the NJ GOD family celebrated His 58th Jayanthi.

Celebrations started at Edison, NJ on October 26th Saturday at 10 am in the presence of Sri Swami Jis Holy pAdhukAs. Akhanda Mahamantra was chanted from 10 am to 5:00 pm interspersed with Madura Geethams and kolAttams. Chanting of the Mahamantra was led by young gopas and gopis with adults repeating along.

This was followed by the singing of Madhura Gitams and Guru Kirtans. As each Guru Kirtan was sung, a humble attempt was made by each attendee to explain how Guru Maharaj’s smarana / gripping thoughts were poured out through the compositions. Of these arulmAmazhai, santhatham sevitham, Guru arul ondre ariven, Guru mAtha  kirtans still reverberate in our hearts.

Following the madhura gitams, Sri Prakash Ji delivered Mahura Smruthi highlighting Sri Swamiji’s divine birth, purpose, devotees transformed, emphatic declaration of chanting the names of the lord as the clearest and easiest path to reach the lord and summarized Sri Swaimjis 3 key kAryams 1) Veda poshanam 2) Bhagawatha Dharma poshanam and 3) Temple renovations.  The divinity of Sri Swami Ji’s pAdhukAs was felt through the dedication and love with which the host family has surrendered to Sri Swami Ji’s pAdhukAs. 25+ devotees attended the celebrations. It was indeed a blessing to spend our time immersing in Sri Swami Ji’s smaranA as a collective satsang family.

Satsang ended at 7 pm with the singing of kaliyayum bali kollum kirtan, mahA prasAdam and celebration of Sri Swami Ji’s birth with cake cutting and Diwali with firecrackers! It is clear that one cannot reach the shore by one’s own sadhAna but only by the grace of the Guru and we pray at His lotus feet for us to be at His service.

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