Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti Celebrations 2011: Boston

This year Sri Guruji’s jayanthi satsang was indeed a very memorable one. After many years the New England and a few surrounding states were hit by snow as early as in the month of October. Just on the day of the satsang we came to know that many areas in the state of NH, MA etc had power cut beacuse of this with not even traffic and street lights . And in Nashua at Kalpanaji’s house were the satsang was planned also had a power cut. Luckily for us it was not a too cold day and so we decided to have the satsang at any cost. About 12 of us attended the satsang chanted the maha manthra and closed with Kaliyayiyum bali kollum. It was purely by the Grace of Sri Guruji and the power of Nama that all of us could make it and have the satsang against all odds.

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