Srimad Bhagavatha Sapthaham in Framingham

With the Grace of Guru Maharaj and Lord Sri Hari , a Bhagavata Saptaha (katha Shravanam) was held at Framingham, by Sri Narayananji at the residence of Mrs.Mythreyiji from Nov 24th till Nov 30,2011.
The seven day katha started with the greatness of Bhagavatham, Dhyana slokas and Naradha Charithram. Dhruva Charitram,Varaha avataram,Ajamila Charithram,Bali charithram, Prahlada charithram and Gajendra moksham were covered in next four days. Lord Krishna was born on the sixth day and everyone enjoyed his leelas followed by Rukmini Kalyanam on the last day of saptaham.The kids performed bhajans and slokas after the katha. The Saptaha concluded with the greatness of Nama followed by mass prayer with Mahamantra kirtan.

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