Swathi Satsang and Narasimha Jayanthi, VA

With the causeless mercy of our Takurji and Guru Maharaj, Virginia Namadwaar had a zoom satsang for Narasimha Jayanthi on May 5th. The satsang started with Mahamantra kirthan. Then the devotees took turns and eagerly did Srimad Bhagavatha parayanam, chapters from the 7th canto pertaining to Prahladha Charitram. On May 6th, Satsang started with Mahamantra kirtan followed by Guru Ashtothram was recited and Guru kirtans were rendered. This was followed by Narasimha Ashtothram and singing of Madhura Geetham on Lord Narasimha. Yugala kirtans and Anjaneyar keerthans were also sung. With the prayers at the lotus feet of our Guru Maharaj for an unshakable Bhakhi and Faith, the satsang concluded with Kaliyayum Bali Kollum Keerthan.

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