Traditional Treasures Spring Workshop – March 2013

The second annual Traditional Treasures Spring Workshop was held in Houston on March 11th 2013 during spring break. This time it was conducted in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land.

The unique workshop was attended by about 13 curious and interested teens and almost-teens. The workshop focused primarily on exposing the participants to the greatness of India, showcasing India’s glorious, scientific heritage, and showing how so many tenets put forth in Indian scriptures thousands of years ago are today being proven by modern science.

The 3 major topics covered in the 1-day workshop were: Science, Technology and Medicine in Ancient India, The Legend of Dwaraka and River Saraswati, Past Life & Rebirth: Myth or Truth.

The first topic dealt with scientific and medical advancements in ancient India and how many modern scientific and mathematical theories were used regularly by ancient Indians. The second topic showcased archaeological discoveries and proof for the existence of Dwaraka (and hence proof for the actual avatara of Lord Krishna) and for the existence of the so-called mythical, lost river Saraswati that is hailed as the greatest and most sacred of rivers in the Vedas. The final, intriguing topic was on past life and rebirth, what our ancient Indian scriptures speak about it and what Western scientific researchers are now finding that corroborates exactly what our scriptures say.

The presentations were interspersed with interactive discussions, videos and fun activities and games to keep the atmosphere light for the youngsters despite the “heavy” subjects.

All children had lots of fun through the day. Parents who volunteered during the workshop also said they learned a lot from the workshop.
Kids were given special t-shirts displaying Mark Twain’s quote about the greatness of India. Lunch was also provided thanks to sponsors Chipotle and Parent volunteers.

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