Tulasi Kalyanam in Bay Area

Bay Area GOD Satsang members commemorated the auspicious occasion of Brindavana Dwadasi special satangs and Tulasi Kalyanam both in Tri Valley and South Bay Area on Saturday, November 4th 2017. Devotees in South Bay Area celebrated Tulasi Kalyanam at the residence of Sri.Rajagopal and Smt.CHitra Venklatramani in Sunnyvale on Saturday, November 4th 2017.in traditional Sampradaya style with the rendition of Thodayamangalam, Ashtapthi and kirtans on Tulasi Devi composed by Sri Swamiji. In Tri Valley, Mahamanthra keerthanam satsangam was conducted at the residence of Smt. Meena Kannappan in San Ramon. Bhakthas chanted Mahamanthra for an hour which was followed by doing the Smaranam of Tulasi Devi and her devotion to Lord Sri Krishna and the rendition of keerthans on Tulasi Devi composed by Sri Swamiji. All the bhakthas devotedly came forward to perform aarthi for Tulasi Devi!

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