Vaikunta Ekadasi celebrations in Texas

Date:   Jan 10 2009  4pm PST
Topic: New year and Vaikunta Ekadasi celebration satsang
Venue: Residence of Smt. Booma, TX

About 20 devotees got together at the residence of Smt Booma to celebrate the New year and Vaikunta Ekadasi. The satsang began with 20 min of Namakirtan. This was followed by a review of the 5 slokas from Srimad Bhagavatam by Smt Sudhaji.  Then it was quizzing time. A bingo game on the topic “the month of Margazhi” was played by the group.  In the game of satsang and Nama, every one is the winner, be it chanting with interest or without interest, with or without dedication, with or with out devotion, it is always a win-win.

A 10min session of Namakirtan and the song “Kirtanam PAdIre” concluded the event, thus making all the devotees a winner of Sri Sri Swamiji and the Lords grace.

Such satsangs occur on a weekly basis in many parts of Texas in which about 20-30 devotees take part.

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