Vasanthotsavam celebrations in Houston Namadwaar

Vasanthotsavam was celebrated at Houston Namadwaar on the evening of Saturday, March 16th 2013. It was truly a beautiful, divine experience for all who had the fortune to attend the event.

A decorated special seat was prepared for the Divine Couple and welcoming songs were sung. Once the Divine Couple were seated comfortably in their beautiful asanam, more wonderful kirtans were sung extolling their beauty and describing the divine love of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha.
As dusk fell, a number of wick lamps were lit around the couple and the entire Namadwaar was wonderful to behold wrapped in a beautiful other-worldly darkness with the brightly lit Divine Couple in the center.
More songs continued to be sung extolling Bhagavan and His Divine Names. The Venu Gitam from Srimad Bhagavatam was also sung.
The celebration was concluded with divine prasad and arati.

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