‘Virginia Namadwaar’ Inauguration and ‘Madhura Utsav’ in Richmond

With the boundless grace of Sri Swamiji and Smt Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadhan Thakurji, inauguration of “Virginia Namadwaar” was grandly celebrated as Madhura Utsav and Ram Leela Mela from 26-May- 2016 to 30-May- 2016 in the divine presence of Sri Poornimaji.

“Virginia Namadwaar” has been blessed to be the second in the United States, the first being in the Southwest region (Houston, Texas) and is the 5th Namadwaar to be inaugurated internationally to propagate Nama Kirtan all over the world according to Guru Maharaj’s vision.

Day 1: 26-May (Thursday) Valmiki Krutha Prashnarambea !

The day began with Prabodhanam followed by Akanda Nama and the evening was filled with classical music performed by the “Richmond Carnatic Music” group who brought Lord Rama in front of the devotees through “Shri Thyagaraja Swamy’s Upachara Kirtans’ . The evening was complete with Shri Poornimaji’s 1 st day of lecture on Shrimad Ramayanam. She expounded on Sage Valmiki’s life and his association with Sadhguru Naradha Maharishi and how the divine association has granted us with this rare but wise treasure of ‘Srimad Ramayanam’. The day reminded us of a few lines from our Guru kirtan !

kanavu palitthadu gurunAthA! manamum kuLirndadu gurunAthA!
sharaNam aDaindOm gurunAthA! sakalamum maRandOm gurunAthA!

Day 2: 27-May (Friday)

The day began with Prabodhanam and Sundara Kandam Parayanam. In evening, the Utsav saw its first procession with Sri Swamiji’s Divine Padhuka in a procession with the divine couple Smt Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadhan Thakurji on a palanquin mounted on an Elephant. The procession consisted of the devotees accompanying the palanquin singing aloud “Kaliyayum Balikollum and Hare Rama Sankeerthanam” interspersed with the divine instruments that added to the blissful ad vibrant atmosphere. Everyone proceeded towards Virginia Namadwaar and with the flowers from Sri Swamiji’s Padhukha.

Shri Poornimaji inaugurated the “VIRGINIA NAMADWAAR” and established Shri Premikavaradhan’s divine Nama Samrajya. Shri Guru Maharaj’s Padhuka Pravesham, Shri Premikavaradhan’s divine Pravesham was followed by Krishna Jananam Parayanam from Shrimad Bhagavadam, Archanai and “Mahamantra Instrument Medely” offering to Sri Swamiji by Richmond Satsang children.

Even at around 11 PM in the night, Shri Poornimaji in full vigor expounded an exuberant lecture on the ‘Birth of Rama’ and left the devotees totally engrossed in the beauty of divine descend of Rama.

Day 3: 28-May (Saturday) Gambira Nadaiyodu Vandhan !

During the day, Sundara Kandam Parayanam was completed and Sri Rama Pattabisheka chapter from Yuddha kandam was read. In the evening, Maryland GOD Satsang devotees sang Nama Ramayanam followed by Nikunjothsavam wherein the divine couple in a beautifully decorated swing, enjoyed mellifluous music presented by classical vocal duo ‘Sri.Malavika & Sri.Maya ’ supported by Sri.Raviji on mrithangam.

At night, the Divine couple’s Jaanvasam was celebrated with Madhura Geetham,Bhadrachala Ramadas Kirtans and fireworks lighting up the festive atmosphere in

Day 4: 29-May (Sunday) Seetha Pathe Rama !

The day dawned with the singing of ‘Thodayamangalam’ as per the Bhagavadha Sampradhaya followed by Ashtapathi Bhajans, Divya Nama Sankeerthan and the Celestial ‘Sita Kalyanam’ happened at the auspicious moment with Bhaktas witnessing the blissful unison of divine couple and feeling blessed.

The evening was filled with performances and participation by around 20 kids who conducted and participated in ‘Ramayanam – Jeopardy’, Ramayana themed Fancy dress completion chanting slokhas and singing songs followed by the Richmond Gopakuteram kid’s performance.

The day happily ended with Poornimaji’s pravachan on Aaranya/Kishkindha Kandam.

Day 5: 30-May (Monday) Hanumath Samena Guruna

The day of dawned with Shri Poornimaji’s Sundara Kandam Pravachan on Sundara Kandam which culminated with Sita Rama Pattabhishekam. This was then followed by a Bharathanatyam performance by Srimathi.Aswini Manjunath and her students for ‘Bhavayami Raguramam’ song followed by ‘Raj Bhog’ seva.

With Hanuman Chalisa sung aloud and with much anticipations for the next Utsav already and with happy thankful thoughts for the blessed days, the 5 day Utsav blissfully ended wanting for more. The 5 days was witnessed by about 250 Bhaktas from all over the country and many were blessed with Guru Kainkaryam and participation.

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