Weekly Saturday Satsang at Atlanta Namadwaar

Weekly Satsangs at Namadwaar happen every Saturday evening. The 2 hour Satsang starts at 5pm with recitation of Mahamantra, followed by Bhagawatham lessons and other interesting activities like Harikatha, Divyanamam, Nikunjotsavam to name a few. Weekly Satsangs conclude with Harathi and Dolotsavam. The weekly Satsangs and other programs at Namadwaar have provided the kids with a platform to actively participate and showcase their talents. The month of August saw great participation from the children. Sri Swamiji’s and Sri Takurji’s grace and love has paved the path for the kids to blossom into confident individuals. Children come together as a team to support one another, be it playing musical accompaniments for their friends or helping one another through activities. Some of the highlights from this months’ Satsangs are :

Sisters, 6-year-old Kum. Yogeshwari Balaji and 4-year-old Kum. Sadhvika Balaji presented their first Harikatha during Satsang. The kids presented their beautifully articulated Harikatha in Tamil on Gajendra Moksha. The Harikatha was creatively intermingled with subplots and kirtans. The facial expressions and special sound effects incorporated by the kids made the evening interesting and captured everybody’s attention. Please click on the link below to relish the beautiful Harikatha on Gajendra Moksha.

Nikunjotsavam :
13-year-old Kum. Akshara Ramji and Kum Hamsini Chandrashekar, offered Madhurageetham praising the glories of various deities and Namavalli at Namadwaar. The duo delighted everyone with soulful renditions of various Kirtans that they offered individually along with harmonious duets. Some of the kirtans offered were
Sellum idam thorum, Jai Gurunatha Muralidhara (Namavali), Guru arul ondre, Thaiya thigu, Thava smaranam Dehi Sri Radhe, Angaja Mada haarini radhe (Namavali)
The girls were accompanied by Chi. Prahalad on Mridangam and Chi Balaram on harmonium.

Kum Harini’s chose to unique way to celebrate her 10th birthday. She made a melodious offering of Madhurageetham at Namadwaar and sought blessings from Sri Swamiji and Sri Premikavaradha Takurji and the extended Satsand family. She was accompanied by Chi Prahlad and Chi Anirudha on mridangam. Some of the kirtans offered were
guru aruL onDrE aRivEn, bhagavan nAmamE, prEmika vara, dan mAdhurIsakhiyuDan
Please click on the link below to catch a glimpse of her offering.

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