Nama Dwaar newsletter – January 2018

Bhakti for Today’s Lifestyle

A spiritual aspirant may desire to have pure Bhakti towards the Lord. But the vasanas carried through millions of births rise up as wretched thoughts. The body too may not cooperate. Inborn qualities such desire, anger, etc. are waiting, ready to spoil bhakti. Above all of this, there is the ego of “I” and “mine” that rises up now and then, that are huge hurdles!

How do we overcome all this? And most importantly how to overcome the ego?

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 Cherished Memoirs – 56

How a Guru Takes Care of His Devotee-Families

Love of God – if it were to take a form it is verily our Gurudev! This is what strikes me whenever I think of our Gurudev. Truth is we can never comprehend the unparalleled love of Gurudev who is its very personification. However, we feel that we grasp a little of it while seeing the way he leads the families that he has taken unto himself.

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 Conversations with Sri Swamiji – Part 1

Vital Questions on Sampradaya(Tradition)

In a freely flowing conversation, Sri Swamiji answers four vital questions on our sampradayam (tradition) to a devotee, who questions with humility and simplicity.

Devotee: Sri Swamiji, I have a question… it is about our sampradaya. Should we, as Krishna bhaktas, go only to Krishna temples or can we go to other temples as well?

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 Vedanta Aathicudi – 4

Ishan Oruvane – God is One!

“Athichoodi” is a type of poetic work (in Tamil) that comprises of a collection of one-line philosophical verses. HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji has composed a “Vedanta Athichoodi”, a poetic work that speaks of life’s most important principles. We had published the entire Vedanta Athichoodi and its overall meaning as part of our Madhura Geetham Sloka Series, earlier this year.

Here we present an in-depth look, into the meaning of each of the lines in this Vedanta Athichoodi.

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Youth Contribution

A Diseased Person Chants Nama and Attracts the Lord

In Kali Yuga, Nama sankirtanam is the simplest and best way to attain the Lord. Chaitanya Deva, also known as Mahaprabhu, was an avatar who exemplified the yuga dharma by always chanting nama. He traveled throughout India and spread love and nama wherever he went.

Divya from Richmond, VA recounts one of His leelas.

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Puri Jagannath Temple

This month we begin a new quiz series based on famous temples and monuments in India. Happy answering and learning! 

The first in this series is on the world-famous Puri Jagannath Temple.

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News of the month (Dec 2017 – Jan 2018)

Sri Poornima ji’s Satsangs in the US

Jan 2018

Dec 2017

Other Events


Sri Poornima ji’s & Sri Ramanujam ji’s Programs

Sri Poornimaji, a senior disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, who is touring the US between September to December 2017 will conduct spiritual discourses and a variety of programs across different parts of the country.



Sri Ramanujamji, disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, will visit the US in Feb-Mar 2018. He will also participate in and conduct several programs in the US during his visit.


FEB 16-18: Sri Poornimaji’s programs
Contact 832-515-1251

FEB 21-23: Bhavayami Raghuramam
– Ramayana Discourse Series by Sri Poornimaji
Cypress Area. Click here for the flyer.
Contact 832-229-4666

Feb 24: Body Mind & Soul Retreat
With Sri Ramanujamji & Sri Poornimaji
Burroughs Park, Tomball. Click here for the flyer.
Contact 832-515-1251

FEB 25: An Ode to Harmony
Houston Namadwaar’s 8th Anniversary Celebrations
In presence of Sri Ramanujamji & Sri Poornimaji
Stafford Civic Center. Click here for the flyer. Click here for tickets.
Contact 281-402-6585

In the presence of Sri Ramanujamji and Sri Poornimaji
Contact 469-964-9302

MAR 15 to 18 – Kali Dharma Undiyar Discourse Series by Sri Ramanujamji
MAR 18 – Consecration of Marble Sri Madhuri Sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varadhan 
In the presence of Sri Ramanujamji and Sri Poornimaji
Contact 404-788-7391


FEB 11 – Akhanda Mahamantra Sankirtan 10 AM to 7 PM
Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes, West Bloomfield
Contact 248-390-6534

FEB 17 – Nama Sankirtanam Satsang
Maple Grove, MN. Click here for flyer.
Contact 952-334-7379

FEB 24 – Monthly Akhanda Mahamantra Sankirtan and Madhurageetham
Devotee residence
Contact 865-898-8452

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