Nama Dwaar Newsletter – August 2023

In this issue:

    • Divine Indian Summer
    • Venkatesha Vaibhavam Series #15 – Story of Venkatadri and more…
    • Cherished Memoirs – Predictions for Future
    • Quiz: Sri Madhurageethams on Sri Varalakshmi
    • News (July-August 2023)
    • Upcoming Events

Divine Indian Summer

Reminiscences of Some Young Devotees from North America – Part 2

Every summer around June-August, a multitude of devotees from North America (and other parts of the world) eagerly travel to India solely to seek the darshan of our Guru Maharaj, HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. In heartwarming conversations shared in this article, some devotees have enthusiastically recollected their fond memories and sweet experiences with Sri Guruji during their summer travel this year (2023)

Read their experiences here>

Relishing the Venkatesha Vaibhavam Series #15

The Story of Venkatadri and more..

In this episode, we shall enjoy a summary of the seven holy hills of Tirumala.

Read more about the glory of Venkatadri and more

Cherished Memoirs

Predictions about Future

Read this cute little episode with a profound lesson for all. A little boy asks Sri Swamiji what the future has in store for him and read how Sri Swamiji’s replies to him

read it here>>

Swami Abhedananda

Swami Abhedananda was a great Mahatma from South India who chanted the Mahamantra incessantly throughout his life. Read snippets of some beautiful incidents from his life.

read it here>>



Sri Madhurageethams on Sri Varalakshmi

In August, many people in India worship and pray to Goddess Varalakshmi. Sri Swamiji, too has composed some kirtans related to Sri Varalakshmi devi. Let us test our knowledge in Sri Madhurageethams related to Goddess Sri Varalakshmi

Take the quiz here>>

News of the Month ( July-August 2023)

Satsang Events Around Metro Atlanta

Mass Prayer at Namadwaar, Atlanta

Weekly Saturday Satsang at Atlanta Namadwaar

Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan Satsangs in August, Virginia

Nikunjotsav & Radha Madhav Vivah, Namadwaar Virginia

Upcoming Events:
















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