Nama Dwaar Newsletter – September 2019

What is Meditation? 

Nowadays, quite often, we hear and learn about meditation in every walk of life. In earlier times, only spiritually-minded people spoke and preached about meditation. But today, even corporates ask their employees to undergo a meditation course. Even doctors advocate meditation for better health.
This is the proper time to explain what is meant by real meditation. How to do it? What is its purpose? What benefit can we earn from it?

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Cherished Memoirs 75

A Few of Our Experiences with Sri Swamiji

This series chronicles interesting experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji or divine words/experiences of Sri Swamiji himself. These articles are generally translations from the series, “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” or similar articles published in the ‘Madhuramurali’ Tamil monthly magazine.

To bring our experiences with Sri Sri Guruji into writing is a very difficult task. That too, it is impossible to explain personal experiences.

I have been involved in the path of bhakti for several years. That too, I was immensely devoted to Thiruchendur Lord Muruga. It is His blessing that my life has been able to reach this level. But still, I learned from others and through books, that it is better to do bhakti through a Guru. Lord Muruga had to show that kind of a Guru. It is only the Lord’s wish that I got Sri Guruji’s darshan.

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Madhurageetham: Sri Krishna Leela – 10

Ariya Siruvan Amma – My Son is Innocent

The 10th canto in Srimad Bhagavatam is known as “Ashrayam” or “refuge” for Lord Krishna’s devotees for it talks about the Lord’s incarnation and his sweet lilas on this Earth. Sri Swamiji has written beautiful kirtans on these various lilas of Lord Krishna. So, in this series we will relish those lilas of Lord Krishna through Sri Swamiji’s kirtans.

tava kathAmrutam tapta jIvanam…” – “Krishna your stories are so nectarine, they are our sole refuge and the only basis for our lives.” — So sing the Gopis.

Little Krishna’s plays of stealing butter are endless and the Gopis of Brindavan delighted themselves by reminiscing and talking about these sweet, naughty pranks of Krishna again and again. They enjoyed complaining to Yashoda, who would never let her divinely naughty son down in front of the world, and always took His side.
Here Sri Swamiji sings a song in Yashoda’s bhavam where she chides her friends and tells them, “Our Krishna is an innocent child… He knows no guile!”

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Story Time

Life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – Illustrated Series – Part 7

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a great saint who unleashed the flood of divine love through the Divine Name. Here is the next part of the comic-strip-type illustrated series on the life of this great saint.

Mischievous Nimai!

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The Essentiality of Listening

When a person visits a new place and vividly describes it to us, we also  feel interested in going there, don’t we? When we read and see certain things also we get interested in them. But more than reading and seeing, our interest is kindled more through listening.

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Pattachitra Art

How much do you know about this ancient art form of India?

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News of the Month (Aug – Sept 2019)

Radhashtami Celebration across the US and Canada:

Houston Namadwaar, TX
‘Radhashtami Celebration in Houston Namadwaar’

Atlanta, GA
Radhashtami Celebrations in Atlanta Namadwaar, GA

Toronto, Canada
‘Radhashtami Celebrations in Toronto, Canada’

Seattle Namadwaar, WA
‘Radhashtami Celebration in Seattle Namadwaar’

Virginia Namadwaar, VA
‘Radhashtami Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar’



Jacksonville, FL
Rath Yatra in Jacksonville


Upcoming Events

Nov 28 – Dec 1 2019
Madhurotsavam at Dallas Namadwaar

Dec 21 – 28 2019
Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha in Houston Namadwaar



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