Namadwaar Newsletter – October 2010

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Rama Nama to Ramayana

This year, on October 22, we celebrate the jayanti of the great sage Aadikavi Valmiki, the composer of the epic Srimad Ramayana, who was direct proof for the transformation that can happen by chanting the Divine Rama Nama.

His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, in his kirtan, “Nama mahimayai uraithiduven keleer” (Listen to the Greatness of the Divine Name) sings about Sage Valmiki….

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Mind and Matters – 6

What’s In A Name? (Concluding Part)

Over the past few episodes, we have explored several areas of the mind—its nature and composition, tendencies and delusions, the paradigms of joy and sorrow, making the right choice between preyas and shreyas, about the objects of meditation, and also delved into the states of waking, dreams and dreamless deep sleep. Whilst the ins and outs of the mind are now clear as mud, what fundamentally lies in and out of this mental plane is pristine.

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Answers and Beyond…

(Answers by Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji)

Q:I chant the Mahamantra only when I am unable to bear the suffering in my life. I never feel bhakti or love towards Krishna. Will Krishna help me?
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Kids’ Story: From Timid Boy To ‘Father of the Nation’!

The little boy was crying. His nurse lifted him in her arms and asked in a soft voice, “What is it dear? Why do you cry?”
“I am scared,” said the little boy even as he held her tight.
“Scared of what?”
The little boy did not answer.
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Solutions for last month’s “Ganesha” Crossword

Hope you had fun solving the “Ganesha” crossword last month.

Here are the solutions…

Kids’ Corner: Play-doh Ganesha

Check out the play-doh Ganesha designed by young Purushottaman from Redding, CA.
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Kids’ Quiz: Navaratri Time

Its Navaratri time… Let’s test our knowledge on the Divine Mother…. Dare to take the quiz…
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News and events of the month

Houston Namadwaar

Several events were held at Houston Namadwaar in the month of September.
The youngsters of Houston Gopa Kuteeram celebrated Janmashtami by enacting Krishna Jananam.
The weekend of September 18-19 saw a spate of satsangs starting with a 12-hour Akhanda Nama at Houston Namadwaar.
An Ekadasi bhajan satsang was held that evening at the residence of Sri Jeevan and Smt. Lekshmi Nair and a housewarming function at the new residence of Sri Sriram and Smt. Nisha the next day.

Other cities

Boston GOD satsang celebrated Janmashtami on Sep 6 with Akhanda Nama kirtan from 10 AM to 3:30 PM, Bhagavatam parayanam and Nandotsavam with several lilting Krishna bhajans.

Chicago GOD satsang conducted their monthly Gopa Kuteeram session for kids on Sep 26.

The Seattle GOD Satsang group bathed in the nectar of Guru kirtans for a whole evening at ‘Bhajanamrutham’ on October 3 at the residence of Smt. Priya and Sri. Bala Subramanian at Sammamish, WA.

Upcoming Events

Oct 23, 3-6 PM Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day celebrations by Chicago GOD satsang.
Contact Yamini ZivanPrakash at (630)-851-8578 for more information.

Oct 16, 6 AM to 12 Noon Akhanda Mahamantra sankirtan at Houston Namadwaar
3642 Bailey Ave, Manvel, TX 77578. Contact Jeevan Santha at (281) 573-8087.

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