Pandharpur Bhaktas Quiz Series 8 – Sant Tukaram

As we continue with the Panduranga bhakta series of quizzes, this month let’s learn more about a unique devotee of Panduranga – Sant Tukaram – who, though was a merchant by profession, was a great bhakta who left to the Lord’s abode by chanting the divine names of the Lord and the whole city witnessed his departure with his physical body.

1. What is the birthplace of Sant Tukaram?
a. Pandarpur
b. Dehu
c. Paitan

2. Sant Tukaram is considered to be a reincarnation of ________________
a. Sant Jnaneshwar
b. Sant Ekanath
c. Sant Namdev

3. Name the disciple of Sant Tukaram who was a great ruler of India.
a. Chatrapathi Shivaji
b. Krishnaedvaraya
c. Akbar

4. The great Saint ________ is Sant Tukaram’s contemporary.
a. Ramananda
b. Samartha Ramadas
c. Sage Rishyashringa

5. What was the incident that led the King to meet Samartha Ramadas?
a. When the king was returning from a battle, he rested on the banks of a river and found peepul leaves with divine hymns on Lord Rama inscribed on them floating down the river and wanted to meet the one who composed the hymns
b. When the king was returning from a battle, he rested on the banks of a river he heard someone rendering beautiful kirtans on Lord Rama
c. When the king was returning from the battle, he fell sick and Samartha Ramadas saved his life by taking care of him.

6. Name the place where Samartha Ramadas once resided.
a. Paithan
b. Alandi
c. Sajjanghat

7. What was the incident that took place during the first meeting between the king and Samartha Ramadas?
a. Samartha Ramadas was in deep meditation and the king thought the saint was disrespectful and got angry.
b. Samartha Ramadas provided sumptuous food to the king and to the entire
battalion in the middle of a forest.
c. The king listened to the divine renditions of kirtans by Samartha Ramadas

8. What did Sant Tukaram offer as food to the king and his entire battalion?
a. Fruits
b. Little amount of wheat flour
c. Dried Nuts

9. Name the scholar who disliked Sant Tukaram.
a. Rameshwar Bhat
b. Jagannatha Bhat
c. Keshav Bhat

10.What was the ordinance issued by the scholar to Sant Tukaram?
a. Not to compose any abhangs
b. Bundle up all the kirtans and to throw them into the Indrayani river.
c. To learn all the Shastras

11.What sight caught the eyes of the temple priests when they opened the sanctum sanctorum of the Panduranga temple?
a. Lord Panduranga was carrying a wet sack on this head
b. Lord Panduranga was missing
c. Lord Panduranga’s jewels were missing

12.What was inside the sack carried by Lord Panduranga on his head?
a. Sant Tukaram’s belongings
b. Sant Tukaram’s abhangs
c. Gold coins

13. How did Sant Tukaram leave the Earth?
a. He fell sick and shed his mortal coil due to old-age
b. He was bitten by a snake
c. He left to Vaikunta in his physical body

14. Name the instrument that Sant Tukkaram always carried with him.
a. Violin
b. Tamboora
c. Cymbals

15. Sant Tukaram has composed many abhangs on Lord Panduranga. Which Abhang from the list is composed by Sant Tukaram?
a. Sada Majhe Dola
b. Guru Mata Guru Pita
c. Namadeva Kirtana

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – b, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – b, 5 – a, 6 – c, 7 – b, 8 – b, 9 – a, 10 – b, 11 – a, 12- b, 13 – c, 14 – b, 15 – a

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