Pearls from the Ramayana – Humility, Thy Name is Sita Devi

Once when Ravana visited Sita Devi at Ashoka Vana to coax her to accede to his wishes, out of infinite compassion, the Divine Mother said, “Oh Ravana! Lack of satsang is making you act thus. Unfortunate indeed! Do you think I am powerless? I could burn you to ashes in a split second, if Rama wished me to do so. But I don’t have his consent yet and so I spare you!”

Such was the prowess of the Divine Mother, which remained concealed all through. Being a personification of humility, she was extremely cautious in her words and deed lest it should demean the prowess and capacity of Lord Rama. The quintessence of her character is her concealment of her mettle in order to glorify Rama – a true mark of a man’s lady. Throughout the epic, the Divine Mother makes the her qualities inconspicuous enough to ensure that Ramayana is a thorough portrayal of Sri Rama. Humility, thy name is Sita Devi.

When Hanumanji met her and offered to take her back to Rama by showing his ‘Vishwaroopa Darshan’,  Sita Devi said, “Hanuman, I conceive no doubt in my mind that you are capable enough to unite me with my love.  But sadly, that will materialize the worst of my fears. Your very act will belittle the valor and capability of my Lord. Does it matter to show the world how strong and powerful we are? I rather prefer that my Lord confront Ravana in a battle and win me.”

She continued, “You saved me when I was about to end my life after Ravana gave me a two-month ‘grace’ period. I shall bear life in me for one more month in His anticipation – pray convey this to Him, O benign monkey!”

Saying thus, she handed over a head-jewel as her token of love for her beloved.

R. Murali, Chennai, India

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