Quiz Time : Indian Art – Phad Painting

   Phad Painting

This month’s quiz is based on the Phad Painting art form, a popular scroll  form of painting which originated in Rajasthan. 

1.What does ‘Phad’ refer to?
a.Long piece of cloth or canvas
b.Mud walls
c.Border less designs

2.Phad is a __________ painting.

3.When did Phad paintings originate in India?
a.300 years ago
b.545 years ago
c.700 years ago

4.Name the village in Rajasthan where Phad paintings first originated.

5.What color is generally used to first create the outline in Phad painting?

6.Phad paintings are generally done with _________________.
a.Acrylic colors
b.Oil colors
c.Vegetable colors

 7.What type of cloth is used for Phad paintings?
a.Thick coarse cotton cloth
b.Thick nylon cloth
c.Thin polyester cloth

8.What do Phad paintings depict in the paintings?
a.Scenes from normal daily routine 
b.Scenes  from scriptures and images of deities
c.Mother Nature

9.What is the natural method followed by Phad painters to strengthen the Phad?
a.Starch from rice or wheat flour
b.Synthetic starch
c.Apply heat and iron the phad

10.What is a unique characteristic of Phad painting? 
a.The characters in the painting face each other rather than the viewer
b.The characters in the painting face the viewer
c.The  painting uses a lot of geometric shapes 

11.What is the process followed by Phad painters to make the Phad shiny?
a.Use cloth  that has a shiny luster
b.Scrub the starched cloth with a stone to give it a sheen
c.Use chemicals to add luster to the phad

12.How is blue color prepared by Phad painters?
a.Using oil paints for blue color
b.Using acrylic colors for blue color
c.Using Indigo; a  color obtained from plants for blue color 

1-a , 2-b , 3-c , 4-a , 5-c , 6-c , 7-a , 8-b , 9-a , 10-a , 11-b , 12-c

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan,  Bay Area, CA

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