Quiz Time: Indian Art – Kalamkari

This month’s quiz is based on the Kalamkari art form, a popular form of textile art involving hand or block painted designs using natural dyes, which originated in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 



  1. What fabric is Kalamkari art done on?
    A. Polyster
    B. Cotton
    C. Canvas
  2. Another name for Kalamkari art is “pattachitra”, which means _______________.
    A. Beautiful painting
    B. Colorful Art
    C. Cloth picture
  3. Where were Kalamkari art pieces traditionally displayed?
    A. Markets
    B. Temples
    C. Homes
  4. Storytellers often used Kalamkari art in performances of ______.
    A. Religious stories
    B. Popular myths
    C. Folk tales
  5. What are the sources for the colors that are generally used in Kalamkari art?
    A. Plant
    B. Oil paint
    C. Ink
  6. When creating patterns, certain areas of cloth need to be masked to protect it from the ink. What material is used?
    A. Painter’s tape
    B. Glue
    C. Wax
  7. There are ______ distinctive styles of Kalamkari art.
    A. Two
    B. Five
    C. Seven
  8. Kalamkari art was used in ancient times as ____________ .
    A. Chariot banners, wall hangings in temples, and scrolls.
    B. Wall hangings in homes
    C. Sarees
  9. Name the different styles of Kalamkari paintings.
    A. Katchni, Barni,  Tantrik, Godna and Kohbar
    B. Srikalahasthi and Machilipatnam
    C. Pattachitra, Warli, Bharni, Katchni and Tantrik
  10. What does “Kalamkari” mean?
    A.Kalam (pen) + kari (work)
    B. Kalam (time) + kari (work)
    C Kalam (color) + kari (painting)
  11. Where was Kalamkari most popular in the Middle Ages?
    A. Chennai
    B. Hyderabad
    C. Jaipur
  12. An animal’s milk is used in fixing the dyes to the fabric. Which animal’s milk is used in fixing the dyes to the fabric?
    A. Cow
    B. Goat
    C. Buffalo



1-B, 2-C, 3-B, 4-A, 5-A, 6-B, 7-A, 8-A, 9-B, 10-A, 11-B, 12-C

Compiled by Shruti Swaminathan, Bay Area, CA

Image Attribution: Brooklyn Museum [Public domain]



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