Samskruthi 2021

A wonderful opportunity to learn and experience Sanatana Dharma through fun and friendly competitions is coming this summer!

Date: July 31, Saturday

Registration Deadline: July 23, 2021

Where: Online via zoom


We will have the following friendly contests:

Art Contest

Express yourself on canvas/paper. For more details about the Art Contest and to register, please click here.

Speech Contest

Speech is a unique gift given by Bhagavan to us all! When we offer it as “Katha” or “Kirtan”, we are truly showing our gratitude to Bhagavan. Come! Let’s gracefully celebrate this divine gift together as a divine family! For more details, click here

Sloka Contest

For more details about the Sloka contest, click here


Samskruthi Contests – Smt. Jeya ji – +1 (678) 427-8530

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